Canino, a charming little town surrounded by hills covered with olive groves, lies in Alto Lazio on the Tuscan border. Canino is also at the centre of an archaeological and naturalistic territory of great interest with the Archeological Park of Vulci and the WWF Oasis of Vulci. The production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most important item in the economy of Canino and an important Olive Festival takes place each year in December. The historic centre of Canino preserves interesting buildings erected by the powerful families who had bound their names to the history of the town. At the entrance to the medieval quarter is the so-called Tower of Paul III, according to tradition, birthplace of the great pope who initiated the Counter-Reformation.
Nearby is Palazzo Bonaparte, enlarged in the early XIXth Century by Napoleon's brother, Lucien Bonaparte, according to the design of Valadier. Piazza Costantino De Andreis is dominated by the façade of the Collegiate Church built towards the end of the XVIIIth Century. Within the church are valuable paintings donated by Lucien Bonaparte, as well as the Bonaparte Chapel, built in 1854 by Alexandrine de Bleschamps, Lucien's second wife. Our land has also extraordinary beauty to offer the visitor: the Etruscan city of Vulci with its necropolis of over 10,000 tombs, where can be admired the celebrated François Tomb, the Abbadia Castle with its breathtaking Bridge, the National Archeological Museum of Vulci and the celebrated "Cento Camere" thermal baths which were famous in antiquity. Our mill operates in this context with the fullest respect for the environment, history and culture handed down to us over thousands of years. This is where our Olive Oil comes from.